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1 000 R

Additional hard disk 3

320 R

Additional hard disk 1

10 000 R

GSM-modem "NEOPbx"

This compact device with a wide range of functionality, is of high quality and low price.

Selection of individual configuration

Your answers to a few questions will help you to choose the most suitable equipment. Also You can choose a ready-made solution.

How many employees are in the office?
How many employees work remotely?
How many additional numbers should have (for example, for home use)?
Whether you need to record conversations?
Do you have a router?
How many network interfaces you need?
How many network devices (computers, printers, servers) will you use?
Do you have a switch?
Нужен ли вам Wi-Fi?
Through what channels you want to make a call?
Do you have a contract with a SIP provider?
Which phones you want to use?

Press to calculate the appropriate configuration of the equipment.
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