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Additional hard disk 3

400 R

USB-Lan Adapter 1

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the Use of digital ATC NEOPbx

the Following are several schemes of mini IP PBX NEO, they are presented solely as the solution of specific problems of our customers, and thanks to the broad functionality and flexibility mini IP PBX NEO, you can use it to implement virtually any task that requires it was in Your office!

Diagram 1

Additional rooms and reduction of costs on long-distance and mobile communication IN this case, the customer was given the task to provide additional office telephone numbers and links from alternative providers. Provide the ability to use and full integration of the existing telephone lines from the local gas transportation system in a single unit. Reduction of costs on long-distance and mobile communications. With the introduction of digital mini IP PBX NEO becomes possible direct connection of alternative providers of long-distance/international communication, the cost of minute of conversation with them in these areas is significantly lower than the local gas transportation system. With the use of GSM-gateway we have achieved optimize the expenses of the customer for mobile communication. Thanks to the router, all office PCS were protected access to the Internet without the purchase of a special device. In the same communication system of the office appeared the following functions:

  • multi-level voice menu (IVR), which allows you to not miss a single important call;
  • Record telephone conversations, their logging: who of the employees, where and when called;
  • there Appeared an opportunity to use all the advantages of mini IP PBX NEO outside the office, calling to the GSM gateway, You will be able to take advantage of the system connection of your office, as well easy as with the workplace.

This is only a small part of the functions of mini IP PBX NEO, which can take advantage of this office, with a complete list of provided features You can find in page "Functionality"

Diagram 2

Association of the company's branches into a single numbering plan IN this version of the customer it took to unite Branches and IN the head office in a single numbering plan, i.e., the employee of the headquarters, which would have to call a subscriber in the Branch And situated in the other city or country, will not need to use a local gas transportation system and gain "rooms, and it would be enough to enter the extension of the three-or four-digit number, and just as easily be united to him as the call from the room next to his office. The company gets rid of the huge bills from the local gas transportation system for long-distance/international telephone talks with branches. One of the advantages of this scheme is that the subscribers of the branches can easily take advantage of the phone lines, a local gas transportation system or lines of alternative providers, connected to the head office. The clients of the company, in turn, are able to reach the central office, after listening to the greeting of IVR, type in the tone mode, the caller's phone number, and connect to the employee of one of the branches.